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Determining user preferences by collecting data points through interactive poll questions

Kitchen Stories is a digital cooking platform that serves cooking enthusiasts and brands in the food and beverages industry. Our team built a weekly poll feature to get to know our users and their preferences. The data collected helped us shape our editorial content and allowed us to provide our brand partners with valuable insights regarding food and cooking trends.

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    • 2018

    feature overview

    Bringing engagement to the feed

    The app opens to the feed, which showcases featured articles, latest recipes and the poll. A new question is asked every week. The poll question and its results disappear 24 hours after being answered by the user.

    Multiple-choice poll from Kitchen StoriesBinomial poll from Kitchen StoriesKitchen Stories poll

    Multiple choice polls

    Multiple choice polls allow 2-5 options to be shown. A checkmark appears next to the user's answer.To demonstrate hierarchy, the percentage of the leading option is displayed larger than the rest.

    Binomial polls

    Editors have two types of poll to choose from: binomial or multiple choice. Binomial polls show two answers and is accompanied by visuals.

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