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Encouraging home cooks to share their recipes within the Kitchen Stories community

Kitchen Stories is a digital cooking platform with content being created by both our editors and users. The product and tech team developed a recipe creation tool that enabled users to share their recipes with 3 million fellow cooking enthusiasts on the Kitchen Stories app. Our users had a desire to share recipes and in turn, their recipes increased and diversified our content.

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    • Mobile (Android & iOS)
    • 2019

    feature overview

    Creating a recipe

    The main feature of this project was to allow the user to publish their recipe on the Kitchen Stories platform through a series of steps. The creation process was designed so that the output would be in the same format as existing Kitchen Stories recipes.

    Introducing Profiles

    Behind every recipe is a personality. Profiles enable users to add a short bio and website, as well as to manage and showcase their submitted recipes. Users are able to look at each other's profiles and get to know their community. Additionally, partners are able to utilize profiles to highlight their brand in one place.

    Recipe management

    Users are able to view and manage created recipes on their profile. Unpublished recipes have statuses, a visual element that indicates whether it is a draft, in review, or in need of revision. Live recipes show the amount of "likes" on the tile.

    Author Attributes

    Prior to launch, dish tiles had no assigned author because all recipes were simply developed by the in-house test kitchen. With user recipes now being added to the mix, there was a need to give credit to authors and differentiate recipes that are by Kitchen Stories, brand partners and the community of users. Putting faces next to recipes added a personal touch the app was lacking. Tapping on author attributes led to the user or brand's profile.

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